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ATC, CCF & Scout Groups

We do alot of work with Scout and Cadet groups.

In our experience a full days riding is too much for youngsters so we run short half day courses as an introduction to mountain biking.

These sessions usually last for 3 and a half hours and cover the core techniques i.e the correct use of gears, brakes, the ‘neutral’ or ‘attack’ positioning and correct cornering.

The group would typically spend between 45 – 75 minutes acquainting themselves to the machines and practicing their new found skills before venturing out on the trails. Our hope and intention is to inspire the youngsters to ride more when they get home.

All our guides/instructors have SMBLA trail cycle leader or mountain bike leader qualifications. We do adhere to 8-1 ratio for guides but do understand that this might make the activity more expensive so consequently if a wing has an adult participating we can extend this ratio.

All groups will be supplied with helmets, gloves and protective eyewear and this is included in the price of hire.

The bikes we use are at the moment come from Diamondback and use 750b wheels, front suspension and hydraulic disc brakes. We have found this wheel size to be a lot more stable for beginners. All bikes are in the best condition and are checked after every ride


Booking for Groups is best done by email at info@bikewales.co.uk or by phone 01690 710766. We do have an online booking facility but have found it best to establish a more personal relationship with Group leaders. Pricing will be discussed on contact!

For Groups that wish to use their own personnel as leaders we are happy to supply the bikes and any trail information and advice that they might need.