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Child Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Our Children’s Bikes

We have a small number of child’s mountain and touring bikes suitable for small people aged 8 and upwards. We will help recommend rides for your family.

ITEM (all bikes come with helmets, lock and repair kit) FULL DAY 10 am to 5pm or overnight by arrangement HALF DAY( up to 4 hours to be returned by 5pm)
Diamond Back Hard Tail Mountain Bike £30 £22
HaiBike Electric Hard Tail Mountain Bike £50 £35 ( 3.5 hours )
EBCO Electric city bike £30 £25
Giant Explorer Electric Touring Bikes £40 N/A
Gestalt 1 £30 N/A
Whyte Chiltern Hybrid £30 N/A
Children’s Bike £20 £15
Child and Dog trailer £15 £10
Childs Tag-a-long £15 £10

* Longer term Touring prices HERE!