Dark Forest Rides

  • Dark forest rides6The bike lights are powerful with multiple power settings. 2 to 3 hours comfortable use is to be expected, longer on low power settings.

    The bikes will have small single Red LED lights fitted for the back when riding on the road. When off road these rear lights should be turned off so as to not distract following riders.e

    Helmet lights have a 2 ~ 3 hr life on a moderate power setting, much longer when used on a low power level.

  • Dark Rides can start from 4pm and run to 8pm,
    We have lights for up to 3 riders,
    Dark Rides must be booked up, by Phone, by Email, Online. No walk-in rentals at the end of the day as we probably have arranged other things to do in the evening,
    Initially only offering these rentals on Thursday, Friday,Saturdays but can make exceptions if the bookings are for 2 or more riders,
    We can rent the lights separately but only if at least one bike is rented as well, and only if no other customer wants the lights with one of our other bikes. Bike + Lights highest priority.
    A deposit / security is taken on the light rentals,

Dark Forest Mountain Bike Rides

This Winter explore the forests in the dark. Our high power LED lights give a bright bubble of local existence outside this bubble its Dark, Black, Unseen and Unknown.

On Moon lite nights, or frosty / snowy nights other atmospheric feelings are felt, maybe a bit spooky or you may feel a bit outside your comfort zone, a different sort of braveness is required.

One thing you will notice is how silent the forest is after dark, well mostly silent. There are occasional strange noises made by the unseen and unknown. There is definitely a bit of a ‘Blair Witch’ feeling in the forest at night.

Dark Forest Rides

If you decide to do the single track trails you will find them more challenging than in daylight, the sense of speed is much higher than in daylight so on Dark rides your speeds are slower yet you feel like your travelling faster than normal.

Or try the big open sky rides from Capel Curig over to Dolwyddelan or up on to Sarn Helen, or over to Llyn Geirionydd by quiet Tarmac single track road then over and through the forest to Llyn Crafnant, once around Llyn Crafnant. Then return over the pass to Capel Curig or an alternative route back through Gwydir forest to Betws Y Coed. Even if you are familiar with these places by day they are a new discovery by night. There is no light pollution so when its dark its dark and with light of the moon its spooky.

 Mountain bike hire with lights

Lights no bike (Helmet + Bars) £10
DiamondBack Heist Hardtail + Lights (H+B) £25
Electric Mountain bike Haibike Hard7 + Lights (H+B) £40 Normal Ebike deposits required. (If 2 or more Ebikes hired then the rental is discounted to £35 per Ebike, Discount will be applied at the shop if the full amount has been previously paid)

We will provide maps but recommend that you install a good Map App on your phone. We use Ordnance Survey but have found the free ‘MapMyRide’ to be accurate with the forest trails.


We recommend that for Dark Rides that 2 or more riders are a minimum for safety reasons. Yourself or the group are probably the only people in the forest at this time. If you had an accident and you are on your own there will be nobody to come along by chance and help out.