Our Bikes and Equipment

We have nine bikes suitable for touring, all bikes are less than 1 year old and well maintained. They consist of:

  • 3 xMarin Gestalt 1 Gravel bikes (small medium and large)
  • 3 x Giant Explore 2 E Hybrid Bikes (small (step through) medium and large)
  • 3 x Hybrid touring bikes (small medium and large)

Marin Gravel-Touring bikes


'Our Marin Gravel-Touring bikes have additional auxiliary brake levers added to the handle bars. These allow the bike brakes to be operated as though the bike has traditional flat bars fitted, ideal when riding in towns or crowded places.

The normal Drop-handle bar brake position is also retained for when riding the bike in a normal road bike position, ideal for a wind cheating riding position. It is easy and quick to switch between the two riding positions, the brakes always being close at hand.'

Giant Touring E-Bike

Giant touring ebike01

Giant have produced a great bike for touring, at the end of your hire period you won't want to return it. These bikes are truly wonderful, the bikes have smooth operating front suspension to soak up all the bumps........
The bike is fitted with the latest Yamaha 250watt motor which has 5 levels of assistance avaliable, or you can turn off the assistance completely.Even with the assistance completyely turned off the bike pedals just like a normal bike, there is no resistance from the motor......

All bikes equipped with ...

All bikes come equipped with mud guards, pannier racks, water bottle holders, high vis vests, tool kit bags and rear lights, helmets and first aid kits.

Also available to hire are waterproof pannier bags, bar bags, water bottles, front lights, gloves, GPSnavigation equipment and basic camping equipment.