• Beics Betws (We hereinafter) is the trading name for a business established around 1990 and located in Vicarage Road, Betws Y Coed, Conwy LL 24 0AB. The business now operates as a partnership between Graham Tayler and Louise Jowett, both of 12 Pen Y Ffridd , Llandudno, Conwy LL30 2JS. The main remit of the business is bike and equipment hire, guided rides and bike services and repair.  The business is not registered for VAT purposes.
  • Guided rides are defined as rides booked and organised through Beics Betws for which there is a qualified leader, a defined route, maps and guidance and support from Beics Betws. These may be booked as individuals or as an organised group. Self guided rides are those which are booked through Beics Betws but the ride is carried out unaccompanied .  Beics Betws provides maps, guidance and back up support. Both guided and self guided rides may involve the transportation of bikes (ours and your own) and participants to the drop off and pick up points.
  • These Terms and Conditions (T and C) apply to group, individual guided and self guided rides booked through Beics Betws as set out in the booking confirmation, the T and C’s for Bike Hire also apply when hired bikes are being used on guided rides (See Terms and Conditions – Bike Hire)   
  • These T and C contain important information and should be read and acknowledged by you, (the primary hirer) and you should agree that participants, (members of your party participating in the rides) are aware of and accept these booking and hire T and C
  • Variations in theseT and C shall be binding only by the agreement of Beics Betws
  • Riders can only participants in rides guided by Beics Betws with a completed booking sheet, signed disclaimer and T and C
  • The signatory of the waiver and T and C for each booking must be over 18, the primary rider (you hereafter) and payment card holder
  • The signatory must sign on behalf of children under the age of 18 and have the authority of the parent or guardian of each person under the age of 18 to participant in the activity.

The activity of mountain and trail biking  can be dangerous and may result in death or  injury, safety precautions and calculated  risk should be taken at all times as set out in the T and C.

Bikes and Equipment- Use, condition, damage, loss and theft. Transportation.


  • You are responsible for checking over your own and our hire bikes during the guided ride and ensuring the safety of bikes and equipment during this period our guides will assist you with this on guided rides
  • You are responsible for hire bikes and your own bikes and equipment in transit when being used away from the Beics Betws premises. Where Beics Betws is responsible for the transit we will be responsible for our own bikes only. The transportation of your bikes by us is done at your own risk.
  • You are responsible for loss or damage caused by your own actions or the actions of a third party  not connected  with  the provision of the bike or equipment hire whilst undertaking guided rides  


  • We will aim to provide high quality well maintained bikes and equipment for you to hire during the guided rides, we can also advise on the suitability and condition of your own bikes to be used during the guided ride
  • We may note defects in your own bikes prior departure and during the ride , in these cases we may offer to assist you in repairing the defec or advise that the bike is not used.
  • We reserve the right for you use your bikes on our guided rides where your bikes and equipment are deemed to be unsuitable or in need of repair especially if participants would be deemed to be danger by doing so
  • We will provide locks, helmets, safety equipment for use with your own bikes if required.
  • We will not be liable to you where alleged loss or damage results from your own actions or omissions, including the actions or omissions of a third party not connected with the provision of the bike or equipment hire, an event or circumstancewhich we could not predict or have avoided even after taking all reasonable care, or where any loss or damage is considered to be indirect or consequential.
  • We will provide transportation of up to 24 bikes to the drop off point on the ride and collect the bikes on completion, At least some of the bikes being transported must be hired from us
  • We will provide transportation of up to 4 people to the drop off point on the ride and collect the people on completion. At least some of the people being transported must have hired bikes from us. The transportation of people is done free of charge as part of the guided ride/bike hire experience.   

Bookings and Payment    


  • You are responsible for informing Beics Betws at the booking stage of the participants ability and suitability to participate in the guided ride, this will include fitness level, biking experience, health and wellbeing conditions.
  • You are responsible for advising Beics Betws as soon as possible of any mistakes and errors made by Beics Betws in the booking and payment process
  • You are responsible for informing Beics Betws of changes in number of participants prior to the ride, this may affect the ratio’s on guided rides


  • We will only take bookings for guided rides by telephone or email and after full negotiation as to the client’s needs
  • We reserve the right to refuse bookings for groups and individuals where we consider the enjoyment of the participants will not be maximised or where their health and wellbeing may be at risk
  • We will ensure that bookings, payments, and communication with customers  is carried out in a timely fashion with care and accuracy
  • We are only able to provide guided rides on routes where we have a full risk assessment of the ride being carried out
  • We can provisionally agree certain routes and rides at the time of booking but we reserve the right to change the route to something more suitable subject to participants, weather, conditions, forestry operations, and risk assessments

 Risk, Liability and insurance


  • You and other participants will accept that cycling on a public highway, off road track and trail carries its own risk and you have made the booking on the basis that you undertake the activity at your own risk.
  • You and participants will ride responsibly at all times. You will not hold Beics Betws responsible for any loss, damage or injury including death, personal injury, loss or damage to persons and property with regard to the guided ride unless it was caused by a proven negligent act or omission of Beics Betws. You and participants accept responsibility to indemnify Beics Betws against any claim, interest, demand or expense in respect to such damage or injury.
  • You are responsible for any damage, losses and injury caused to people or property through neglect whilst participating in the ride
  • You will be responsible for ensuring that you and participants have suitable insurance cover if you require it during your ride


  • We will hold public liability insurance up £5m, details of this are available on request
  • We will engage experienced and qualified mountain bike leaders in guided rides, they will be covered by our public liability insurance
  • We will adhere to the leader/participants ratio of 1:8 as set out in the MBLTB guidance
  • We will ensure all leaders have full current first aid qualifications
  • We accept responsibility for death personal injury and direct losses suffered by you and participants which you can demonstrate conclusively was caused by negligence , this responsibility does not extend to indirect losses
  • Except in the event of death or personal injury where liability shall be unlimited, BeicsBetws liability to you will be limited to the total costs of your booking
  • Beics Betws will have no liability to you if we are unable to fulfil a booking as a result of force Majeure

 Health and Safety and Safeguarding


  • You are responsible for ensuring you and your party hiring bikes and equipment(hereafter participants) are physically fit enough to undertake the chosen activity/route on self guided rides , Beics Betws can help advise you on this
  • You accept that cycle helmets must be worn by hirers at all times when riding as advised and provided by Beics Betws.
  • You will be responsible for ensuring, to the best of your knowledge that any participants not pregnant when riding on single track routes
  • You will be responsible for ensuring you and participants are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the ride period
  • For self guided rides you will be responsible for ensuring that all participants under the age of 18 are accompanied by a responsible adult aged 18 or over at all times. You are also responsible for ensuring that under 14-year-old do not use Beics Betws electric bikes.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that all participants including children listen attentively to the safety and guidance briefing from staff at Beics Betws and listen to the leader and follow instructions on guided rides


  • We will ensure that staff/leaders responsible for children under 18 have been had the necessary DBS checks
  • We will provide safety helmets, repair equipment, and bikes locks free of charge
  • We will provide a full safety briefing to all guided ride participants. On guided rides this briefing will be on going throughout the ride. On self guided rides the description of the ride will be give, the route described and dangerous features identified and explained

 Data Protection


  • You will provide us with the necessary personal information relating to your booking
  • You will advise us if you wish this information to be used for marketing and promotional purposes


  • We will ensure that we are GDPR compliant
  • We will advertise our privacy statement on our website
  • We will make available our Data Protection policy on request

Bookings, Payment and Cancellations


  • Bookings may be made directly with Beics Betws either walk in/face to face, or by telephone 01690 710766 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • The Guided Bike Ride Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings and should be referred to when making a booking.
  • Written confirmation of a booking should be received from Beics Betws within 48 hours, usually by e mail, If you do not receive confirmation please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. informing us and we will provide you with this confirmation
  • Bookings will state the date and duration of the guided ride, the number of participants, the location of drop off and pick up and the cost will be calculated accordingly, the cost will be broken down for ease of understanding
  • The actual location and route of the guided ride is not part of the booking process and may be subject to change
  • Customers wishing to extend the contracted hire period may do so by agreement. Failure to communicate with us over late return will extend the hire period without agreement will result in  full days charges being levied for each extra day the hire period is extended and may result in us reporting the bikes and equipment as stolen and police will be provided with your details.
  • Bookings will only be confirmed when Beics Betws has a received a confirmation in writing/e mail regarding the details required
  • In the case of group/corporate bookings once an invoice has been raised, this will be regarded as a promise of payment and should be paid in full unless the groups cancels at least 5 days before the booking (see cancellations policy below) in which case the invoice will be cancelled
  • Current prices will be displayed in the shop and on the website. Prices notified elsewhere may not be correct and should be checked with the website at all times. Charges will be inclusive as shown on the booking form
  • Beics Betws reserves the right to change our pricing structure at any time, the new pricing structure will be displayed clearly on the website and in the shop. Bookings made in advance at previous prices will not incur extra payment or refunds.
  • Refunds will be made to the same card as the payment was made or by cheque. Payments made by gift voucher will be refunded by gift voucher


  • In normal circumstances full payment is required when making an advance booking
  • Payments can be made in cash, by cheque (by post only allowing sufficient time for the cheque to clear) by debit card or credit card (on line or by telephone), BAC’s or through PayPal.
  • Beics Betws will offer discounts, reductions and special offers for selected customers, multiple events and promotional offers. This is entirely at our own discretion and we are under no obligation to make arbitrary offers. Where discounts and offers apply payment will need to be made direct rather than through the on line payment system on the website.

Cancellation policy

  • You are entitled to cancel your bookings subject to BeicsBetws receiving notification of the cancellation, the notice period is at least 60 hours/3 days for self guided rides and 72 hours/5 days hours for guided rides. Requests for cancellation must be made by telephone 01690 710766 and confirmed in writing by email to
  • Cancellations with less than the notice period shown above will be charged at  75% of the value of the booking, we will endeavour to alter the times and dates to a mutually acceptable time and date, the rebooking must be within 12 months of the original booking
  • Cancellations on the day of the event will incur full charges, again we will endeavour to change the booking as above
  • Beics Betws is entitled to cancel your booking at any time. Every endeavour will be made to notify you of this in good time. You shall be entitled to a full refund in the event of cancellation but no other compensation will be payable. This refund will not apply where the cancellation is due to perceived safety, danger, or personal health and safety issues of the hirer or members of their party.
  • In the event that Beics Betws is forced to cancel activities for reasons beyond our control where participation in the event has already commenced, you shall not be entitled to a refund (in part or in full) but every endeavour will be made to rebook the event at an alternative time at a reduced rate

Disclaimer details

The disclaimer is signed by all riding adults and adults’ responsible for under 18 year olds in their group.

The disclaimer reads as follows:

  • I (the undersigned) wish to participate in a guided ride organised by Beics Betws
  • I am over the age of 18 and signing for the people listed below who are under the age of 18, (participants) I have the express permission of the parents/guardians of these children to sign on their behalf.
  • Mountain trail and road biking can be physically challenging and dangerous, I accept that there is risk of serious injury or even death in undertaking this activity
  • I understand that, to the best of my knowledge all participants including myself have no medical conditions which might make biking more dangerous or risky, are not pregnant and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • I understand that participants and I must wear safety helmets at all times and must use bikes and equipment with care and consideration towards themselves and others
  • I understand and agree that participants and I will follow instructions and guidance given by guides/staff of Beics Betws before and whilst undertaking the activity
  • I understand that participants and myself undertaking coaching or guided sessions do so entirely at our own risk. I/we agree to follow instructions and participate in a safe and considerate manner
  • I agree that, in the unlikely event of accident loss or damage to persons or personal effects Beics Betws will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss damage or injury in connection with the activity (except death or injury caused by the negligence of Beics Betws) and waive any claims against Beics Betws in this respect
  • I have read and understand the terms and conditions and the above disclaimer and I take full responsibility for myself and participants under 18 (as listed) under my supervision

Personal Safety and Cycling Code

  • Be aware that trails, track, roads and paths have many other users. Be aware of walkers, dogs, other cyclists, horses, cars and debris. Keep your speed down especially at junctions and in busy areas
  • Be aware that loose rock and gravel can cause skidding, exercise caution in these areas and ride with respect for the environment, minimising erosion
  • Do not use designated footpaths meant for walkers only, give way to walkers at all times in forests and on tracks, do not ride on pavements except when indicated it is safe and permissible to do so
  • Do not drop litter and keep water bottles secure, avoid using plastic disposable bottles where possible as these are more prone to fall out of your bottle holder or rucksack
  • Keep away from forestry operations; do not proceed along closed tracks, or climb on log piles. Keep away from old mine workings.
  • Wear a safety helmet at all times when riding, additional body protection? is recommended on certain rides and for children
  • Dress appropriately; the weather can change quickly in north Wales. Clothing may get muddy and wet. Avoid baggy clothing. Strong shoes/boots should be worn and laces tied up securely. Do not tie clothing around the waist as it may get caught in the wheels. Avoid areas of the skin being bare including arms, legs and waist. Use sun screen when sunny. Rucksacks can be loaned to carry spare clothing and sunscreen
  • Carry water and a snack, the water in the streams is not always safe to drink.
  • Carry a mobile phone but don’t forget the signal is not good in remote places and forests