Beics Betws: Self Guided Rides

Are you new to biking or new to the area? Does the thought of riding on busy roads or sustained uphill sections put you off having a go? Are you inexperienced in map reading and working out routes? Try our self guided rides. These rides range from short family friendly off road trails to longer, often gnarly off road tracks and trails cutting across open hillside and forests. They have been planned with local knowledge and often involve ‘starting at the top’ and ending ‘at the bottom’ (or almost!). Most routes have been planned to avoid busy roads, we will tell you where to find sections where extra care in needed, cafes, escape routes and places of interest on route.

Take a look at the choices on offer. Try and shorter, flatter route at first then build up to the longer ones. Where you hire at least 2 bikes we can provide drop off and pick up transport for you, your group (up to 4 people) and up to 5 bikes. Or we can meet you at the start with the bikes and transport drivers and bikes at the end of the ride.

We will give you maps, gps digital routes (coming soon!), written instructions, first aid kits, telephone back up support (and help in knowing where to find a phone signal) and refreshments. We may even be able to come and pick you up if everything gets too much and you are not enjoying it

Each of these self guided rides are unique and planned according to individual need. Bookings can only be taken in advance and a price provided once your needs have been assessed. See our terms and conditions – guided rides for more details