Our Cycle Routes


Cycling is a great way to explore the area. The pace is slower than driving but faster than walking. You can see the surrounding sights, stop and look at the views, chat to someone or take in the sea air. Relax, take your time and enjoy the experience, whilst exercising and improving your health.  

Sustran’s route 5, a long distance cycle route, passes through Llandudno and the surrounding towns hugging the coast from Bangor to Prestatyn.  Being mostly traffic free, this route is ideal for families and the leisure cyclist.   Marine Drive is a private road around the Great Ormes Head and makes for one of the most spectacular rides in the UK.

 Maybe you have not been on a bike for a while? If so you may choose to ride the length of North Shore Promenade and back (which is a shared use facility).  Venturing further afield you can explore towns and villages a distance away.  Our E bikes are great for exploring areas which might be too much on a standard pedal bike

Being located on a peninsular, many of the rides from Llandudno are linear and involve returning by a similar route.  We are able to advise of a variety of shorter local routes or longer, often more hilly routes to suite the ability of the rider, or type of bike.  Maps and descriptions of these rides are available, these show flatter routes for standard bikes or hilly, longer alternatives for E bikes or the keen cyclist ! We are here to advise and choose the best route for you and your group!

It is true to say that on roads, vehicles will tend to think they have priority and on pavements pedestrians (and dogs) will think they that have priority. Smiling and nodding to other users and saying thanks when people give way to you always gets positive results!  Also using your bell to indicate that you are there is considered necessary and polite.  

All rides start from the rear of our shop, this is a one way street (up a slight hill) which takes you to a busy junction. Unless you are confident riders we advise you walk the first section until you get to a flatter, quieter section of road or the promenade.

Short Local Routes

Examples of ride difficulty descriptions: (as a guide only)  

  • Easy – Flatter, shorter rides up to 8 km or 5 miles, mainly traffic free and easy to navigate. Suitable for children and inexperienced cyclists.
  • Moderate – Undulating, with some short hilly sections. Some shared use and some road sections, longer rides, between 8km (5miles) and 12 km (8 miles). Navigations can be confusing in places
  • Difficult – Hilly terrain, some of which is on roads and lanes. Between 12 km (8miles)and 20 km (14 miles) in length. Some reference to maps/gps required.
  • Hard – Some steep hilly terrain with some sustained climbs , some busy roads, complex navigation where map/GPS is required. Over 20km (14 miles). Map/GPs required.

 We have chosen 8 routes to explore. These vary in length and gradient and all avoid the busy main roads with no designated cycle track. If you hire bikes from us we can provide detailed maps, GPS files or you can  rent you a pre programmed Garmin sat nav  to follow.  If you have your own bikes we can sell you a map and you can use the descriptions given here.  These rides take, on average, between 1 and 4 hours (without stops). Each route description shows:

Approximate Length – in kilometers and miles (1.62km to 1 mile)
Gradient description –
hilly, flat, undulating
Level of difficulty
– combining length, gradient, traffic, on road riding, and route finding
Route description – A brief description of the route (More detail is given on the route cards)
Points of interest – Things to look out for, cafes, pubs, toilets etc.