Adult Hire Bikes

Whether you prefer traditional pedal bikes or modern Electric (E) bikes we can provide a bike for you. Our bike fleets at Llandudno include Hybrid, Gravel, Touring, Cargo and Mountain bikes, and are suitable for adults or teenagers from 145cm to 200cm (4’8 to 6’6). 

Approximate Guide to Adult Bike Sizes

height chart  

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes come in small, medium and large sizes and are suitable for all road and bike path conditions. All bikes have cross bars, disc brakes, straight handle bars and come with fitted water bottles, bells and stands; you can choose to have a bike rack as optional. Suitable for towing and fitting child seats and trailers. Prices from £15.
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Gravel Bikes

Gravel Bikes come in small medium and large sizes and are suitable for roads, bike path and some off road bike trails. They are lighter than hybrid bikes and have disc brakes, drop handle bars with top mounted auxiliary brake levers, and are fitted with bells, drinks holder and racks. Prices from £15.

smMarin Gravel bike


 E Hybrid Bikes

Our E Hybrid bikes come in 2 sizes, small (step through) and medium/large (cross bar). They have hub motors and rear mounted batteries and have a range of around 20 to 30 miles. They are fitted with stands, lights, bells and bike racks. Prices from £20.

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E Touring Bikes

Our touring E bikes come in small, medium and large sizes, each with a lower cross bar. They are suitable for roads and bike paths. All have disc brakes, mid mounted motors, central removal batteries and come fitted with lights and racks. They have a range of around 40 to 60+ miles. Although on the heavy side these bikes are stable and very good for longer journey and carrying loads. Suitable for fitting child seats and trailers. Prices from £30.

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Hard Tail Mountain Bikes

These are available in extra small, small medium and large sizes. They come with cross bars, front suspension, disc brakes and have excellent gearing for uphill riding. Tyres are knobbley making them more suitable for off road riding. These bikes have straight handle bars but are not suitable for racks, or child seats. They can be used for trailers. Prices from £15.

smDiamondback Heist 01smDiamondback Heist 02


E Hard Tail Mountain Bikes

These are available from our Betws y Coed branch or by prior booking at Llandudno (full day only). Prices start from £40.



E Cargo Bike

For a fun day out with the children rent our cargo bike. This medium sized E bike is designed for adults who want to carry a load with ease - children, dogs, luggage or a picnic. This two wheel version of the modern cargo bike has a central E drive motor and has a range of 20 to 40 miles (depending on the cargo) The wooden front cargo holder can take 1 large child or 2 small children , 1 large dog or 2 small dogs or 2 medium sized luggage bags or boxes . It comes with linings, padded seats, harnesses and rain cover. Prices start from £40.

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E Tandem Tricycle

This assistive bike is designed for people with mobility or visual impairment or for those unable to confidently ride their own bike. The lead rider must be a confident cyclist and able to handle all the controls.  Suitable for local riding only. Price on application depending on circumstances 

tandem tricycle