E Cargo Bike

For a fun day out with the children rent our cargo bike. This medium sized E bike is designed for adults who want to carry a load with ease - children, dogs, luggage or a picnic. This two wheel version of the modern cargo bike has a central E drive motor and has a range of 20 to 40 miles (depending on the cargo) The wooden front cargo holder can take 1 large child or 2 small children , 1 large dog or 2 small dogs or 2 medium sized luggage bags or boxes . It comes with linings, padded seats, harnesses and rain cover. Prices start from £40.

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Due to the handling characteristics of the Cargo bike being different to regular bikes we advise only confident and experienced riders should hire this bike.

The difference being primarily the extra length of the bike.

E bikes are expensive! We therefore require a pre-authorised card deposit of £500 when hiring E bikes (Not required for the EBCO's), this is Completed (also called Completion) on return, Completed means the final total of the hire cost is taken from the deposit and the remainder released back to the Hirer. Same system as Car hire companies and Hotels use.