Children’s bikes

 We have a wide range of children’s bikes for everybody to have a great day out, a bike to fit everybody’s size and cycling experience. No reason for anybody to be on a bike that is too small or too big.

For our very youngest customers who have yet to turn a peddle they can hitch a ride with a responsible adult in one of our child seats or trailers or better still our Electric Cargo bikes. Go to ‘Bike Accessories’ to see our seat options for our youngest children or our ‘Cargo Bike section’ for information of a fun experience that will even keep them safe and dry should it rain. We also have Trailer options that take up to 2 small children and can keep the young passengers nice and dry.

For those who are just now venturing on 2 wheels themselves and need a sense of security and safety we have a few options. We have stabilisers that can be fitted to our smaller bikes. We also have a Tag-a-long that can connect to an adult bike. 

For those who have reached a ‘2 wheel balance stability’ but not the coordination of peddling at the same time we have Balance bikes. No pedals required.

Next up we have small 16 and 20 inch wheeled 'Isla' bikes, which are great, everything miniaturised for the smaller hands and feet of the little ones.

Larger still are our 24inch 'Specialised' Hardrock and for the tallest kids we have Extra Small (adult) 'DiamondBack' Heist 1 mountain bikes.

Children under the age of 14 are not permitted to ride Electric bikes in the UK.

Children under the age of 14 are not permitted to hire bike without a responsible adult being present.

Children’s Bikes @Llandudno

Balance Bikes

Suitable for ages 18 months to 4 years or above. These are great for getting small children used to sitting on a bike, propelling themselves and learning to balance. The larger balance bike has one brake. Adult supervision is required at all times and it is advised that these bikes are used will away from traffic and other obstacles  Prices from £5.

smChildrens Hire Bikes07


Isla Bikes 16 and 20

Our Isla  Cnoc 16 and Beinn 20 bikes are suitable for children of 4 to 10. They can be ridden on or off road.  They have gears, rim brakes, stands and bells. Prices from £10.

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Raleigh mountain bike 20

This bike is suitable for children aged 5 to 8. It is suitable for off road and trail riding. It has gears, rim brake, a bell and stand. It can be fitted with stabilizers or connected to an adult bike and used as a tag along.  Prices from £10.

smChildrens Hire Bikes06


Specialized Hardrock 24 inch

These bikes are suitable for children aged 8 and above or around 4 ‘ 3’’. They are suitable for road, off road or trail riding. They have 24 inch wheels and come with gears, suspension, rim brakes, stands and bells. Prices start from £10.

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Hard Tail Mountain Bikes

The extra small adults bikes are suitable for children aged 11 and above or 4’5’’ or over. These are suitable for off road and trail riding and have 27.5 wheels, suspension, 11 gears, discs brakes and bells. They can be used for trailers. Prices from £10 aged 14 and under.

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Suitable for 4 to 8 year olds. This is a high quality Burley bike with 7 gears. Due to its unique mounting system which requires a dedicated bike rack as the mounting point it will not be possible to fit this Tag-along to all bikes for towing. The advantage with this system is the extreme ridgity between the towing bike and the Tag-along means that there is no side to side wobble. The side to side wobble on most other Tag alongs is very unnerving for children but not on the Burley where children feel safe and secure. We recommend a visit to the shop to preselect the adult towing bike so that the dedicated bike rack can be fitted prior to the customers booking time.

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E Cargo Bike

For a fun day out with the children rent our cargo bike. This medium sized E bike is designed for adults who want to carry a load with ease - children, dogs, luggage or a picnic. This two wheel version of the modern cargo bike has a central E drive motor and has a range of 20 to 40 miles (depending on the cargo) The wooden front cargo holder can take 1 large child or 2 small children , 1 large dog or 2 small dogs or 2 medium sized luggage bags or boxes . It comes with linings, padded seats, harnesses and rain cover. Prices start from £40.

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