Whether riding as a group or individual you may feel happier riding with a qualified Cycle Guide.  Our Guides are experienced off road riders qualified to MTB Leader level 2 or level 3 or level 1 or 2 road cycle leaders.   They have knowledge of the local trails and hold a valid First Aid Certificate.  They can lead group of up to 8 riders.  They can identify rides and trails suitable for the level of rider in the group.  Most Guides or leaders  are not permitted to coach riders only provide general instruction and leadership.

Guided ride participants are covered by our Public Liability insurance to the sum of £5M. We advise that all organised groups with people under 18 and all groups riding as part of a commercial guided group use a qualified Guide/Leader whilst riding.

Prices for guided rides vary depending on length of day, day of the week, size and experience of group and location.  We are happy to discuss your needs and provide a quotation. Guided rides are available for bike hire or own bike customers.

At a glance:

  • Ride with a Qualified and Experienced MTB Guide or Ride Leader
  • Own bikes or hire bikes (or combination)
  • Up to 8 riders per guide
  • Half day, day or multiple day rides
  • Covered by £5M Public Liability insurance
  • Recommended for commercial groups or aged under 18 groups
  • Prices and quotation on request