By reading the following Terms and Conditions you understand that you are responsible for all bikes/riders relating to this hire agreement and that you will make each rider aware of it’s content

You recognise that cycling can be dangerous, understand the risks involved and accept the recommendation of Beics Betws to use the helmets provided.

You declare, you are in good health and that your eyesight is up to the standard required for a road driving test.  You also declare that you are not suffering from any medical conditions or disability which is likely to adversely affect your normal control of the bicycle and you will not undertake any manoeuvre which is beyond your level of skill.

You understand that in the event of mechanical failure other than punctures, Beics Betws will offer a breakdown service for the cycle but not for individuals and that refunds are only given per bike (not group) and only if Beics Betws could not restore the journey or allow extra time to complete the ride. Once a Hire period of 1 hour has expired, Beics Betws determines that each rider is satisfied with their cycle and equipment provided and thereafter no refunds can be given for bicycles deemed unsuitable for their purpose.


You confirm that you will be responsible for the payment of any surcharge levied as a result of the bicycles being returned later than the agreed time or damaged. You confirm that you will be responsible for the payment of any damage (including third party) caused as a consequence of your dangerous cycling, loss of control or negligence.

You fully indemnify Beics Betws against claims of injury to yourself/yourselves or any third party unless it can be proven that Beics Betws did not fulfil reasonable maintenance procedures for the equipment being used.


Any cancellations must be made by 9am at least 14 days prior to hire or charges will be incurred as follows;


14 Days Notice – 100% Refund
7 Days Notice – 50% Refund
Less than seven days and the full amount will remain payable.


21 Days Notice – 100% Refund
14 Days Notice – 50% Refund
Less than fourteen days and the full amount will remain payable.

We therefore suggest that you purchase insurance to cover against any eventualities which may cause cancellation.

This Agreement is covered by English Law. In the event that any part of this Agreement is for any reason unenforceable the remainder shall remain in full force and effect.


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